Thursday, March 31, 2011

March came in like a Lion and is going out like a Lamb less than two hours, it will be the First of April!!

It has been a time since I have had time to check in here, and I am so happy to welcome my dear Bookcrossing friend in Australia...Hi Loey!!

I have been working part time at Cobblestone Garden Centre since the beginning of February and I can not believe the changes I have seen.  The three bays in the greenhouse side has come back from the dead of winter and the sad abandoned look to being full of the shrubs that we have planted.  That was so much fun having my hands in that!  All the shrubs, junipers and small trees were brought in from outside to the warmth of the greenhouse and are coming back to life. Last week we planted Blueberries, Strawberries, Gooseberries, Currants and Virginia Creeper.  This week we planted up the start of the seed Geraniums...there are over 2000 of them, and there are some really pretty leaf favourite!!  I have already decided which plants and shrubs I will be buying...moderation, Ellen...moderation!   Definately some of the pretty geraniums, a Cotoneaster, possibly an Amur Maple, and a Romeo Cherry when it comes in.
The inside of the Garden Centre is ready and stocked to the rafters.  I am having a great time talking to the folks coming in to start the season.  It is so hard to curb my spending and save some of my paycheque for other things.  Last year I was like a kid in a candy store...this year I am a lady in a Chocolate shop - drooling over everything but knowing that I can't have everything I want...yeah right!
As my kids and my hubby are off from school this week, so today I had a day off!!!  Sleeping in until 9 Am was pretty nice...but then getting up and relaxing with a coffee and NOT have to rush around getting everyone ready and out the door was amazing!  I even had a second cup of coffee, sat down on the couch with my toast and watched...ready for this...Lon Chaney in "The Wolfman".  Ten O'Clock in the morning and I'm watching an old Black and White Horror movie...from start to finish!!   How decadent!  Then I watched the last hour of "God's Little Acre".  After my third cuppa coffee I got motivated!

Today it was so beautiful out, the sun was shining, the snow was melting and I could go out on my south facing deck in BARE feet!  I even saw that I have TULIPS coming up beside the house on the south side of my house.  I wanted to do the Snoopy Dance! There were three dead plants in the house so outside they went. Very good Feng Shui getting those dead plants out of the house.  I opened my windows and let the good air into my home.  AAhhhhh!

Then I started planting my seeds downstairs in the basement, and I used my old styro trays and square pots as well as empting the pail of left over soil from last year.  Now I have the top of my tv stand filled with seed trays and I have planted:  Parsley, Lemon Boy Tomatoes, Sweet 100's Cherry Tomatoes, Rampion, Dolly Basil, Herb Robert, Mignonette, Welsh Onion, Vervain, Crookneck Squash, Black Beauty Squash, Moonflowers, Lavendar Lady, and I planted 4 different varieties of Sweet Peas in the planter boxes on my deck.  I know that it is early BUT it is the heat on the deck that should bring them through and I just couldn't help myself.  So a majority of my first order from Richters has been planted, as well as some of my leftover seeds from last year and some of the pile of seeds from my daughter Mara.  Over a week ago I put in my second order from Richters that will include the remainder of my seeds, my Wild Dagga, and more plants including some herbs and flowers.  I can not wait to see what my yard will look like this season!!  I ordered more plants for my teas as well!
This month I have had a great time Bookcrossing!  Not only did I reach 500 books registered with Bookcrossing but I was the winner of the Canada Smiles Sweepstakes.  I have had such a great experience recieving so many great books from dear friends all over Canada.  There are so many really great books on my TBR pile and so many of them are books that I would have never read if it wasn't for my Bookcrossing addiction and friends.  LOL.

I guess with Spring comes that extra energy so I have a huge roaster pan in the oven right now full of lovely homemade Marinara sauce (onions, garlic, celery, red and green peppers, carrots and lots of fresh Paste tomatoes) that I will cool off tonight in the garage and package it for my freezer in the morning. 

My famous Veggie Pasta Sauce, it cooks in the oven, doesn't burn (usually) and makes a huge batch.

In one evening I made enough sauce for 9 meals - each at least 3 cups/750 ml.
 Then I saw that I had a surplus of oranges and grapefruits so I also made marmalade that is simmering in my slow cooker.  I can not believe how much sugar I had to use!!!  Tomorrow morning I will be bottling that up, also.  

Looks like I will have enough Marmalade to last until next year.  I love toasted bagels with cream cheese and Marmalade!
I still have lots of berries in my freezer that I need to make jam out of: Blackberries that we picked on Vancouver Island, Blueberries, and Saskatoons.  But for now, it is time to say goodnight!

Thanks for stopping by!

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