Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bring on the rain!

The weather forecast is saying that we are going to get slot of rain in the next couple of days. I am so ready for this!

On Tuesday I was in the area of Golden acres garden centre so I thought I would wild release a gardening Bookcrossing book and look around a bit. Not only did I get a few packs of spring bulbs some Squibb bulbs, muscari and 5 special tulip bulbs at .99 each. AND I didn't forget the box of Bone meal. They also had perennials, shrubs and trees on sale for 75% off so I had to go back in for a second trip I bought a white shrub rose, a gooseberry bush and five little perennials for under $19.
Today after I dropped the girls at school, I started planting. I did some cleanup in the west side of the house and planted the 5 tulip bulbs in that bed. In the front of the house I planted my two Ostrich fern, and I'm looking forward to some Fiddle heads in the spring. Yummy! I planted the Gooseberry in the diamond shaped bed in the front yard and the rose in the bed under the Elm. So there I was, out in the rain, planting all my bulbs, I am sure that my neighbors were looking out their windows and shaking their heads, but wait until spring when my tulips are blooming and my new bushes are growing... My first regular rose bush!! I chose this variety of rose because it had the largest rose hips. Did I tell you that I only paid $7.50 for a rosebush.
So now I'm done in the front!

I dug up all my geraniums too. I rinsed off the whole plants in warm soapy water and left them in the rain to rinse off. I have a Styrofoam box. That I will plant up with all my geraniums and have them  overwinter in the basement. I just leave these babies to die, I spent god money on my collection and I like the challenge.
Now I need to go for a shower, get warmed up, get some super ready for everyone, it's a busynight tonight. But just listen to the rain falling against the window. How satisfying is that?


  1. Hi Ellen,

    I'm so glad the pork recipe turned out good for you---your variation sounds wonderful! So, what is your Bookcrossing name? I'm not making the connection... Have a great day and thanks for the follow up on the recipe!

    Sarah (elizardbreath on Bookcrossing)

  2. *waves to Sarah* This is herchelle!!