Sunday, November 6, 2011

Introducing Jasper!

Jasper is my newest rehabilitated Garden Gnome. When I received this little Gnome, he was a cheaply mass produced creature with a broken head. Poor little guy! I tried to grow a little plant out of the hole but it just was too dry.

Poor little damaged Garden Gnome!

What a cheap, mass produced paint job, no personality at all!

I decided to fix him and give him a new lease on life in my garden. I took pictures of Jasper's journey and I will complete this later.

I mixed up some concrete and filled up his little body.  This will give him more strength to last out there in the garden.
Now he is solid and the hole in his head is patched.  I think his hat looks like a flowerpot now, doesn't it?
I found some terracotta paint for his flowerpot hat, and his jacket and pants have fresh paint.  I don't like his skin colour...way to yellow.
Much better, almost finished, Jasper looks very happy!
I gave him a spray of sealant followed by a light coat of stain to make him look older.
Jasper, my rehabilitated Garden Gnome

My first rehab Garden Gnome was Simon. When I found Simon, he was so sad. He was broken in two, painted in a very digesting red and white football uniform (how humiliating!) and he was tossed by the side of the road. After I repainted Simon and gave him his dignity back, he has has a respected home in my flower bed, soon to be joined by Jasper.

Dang, another sideways photo!!
Jasper in his new home in the dogwoods. April 26, 2012

One day I will find a Lady Gnome, hard to find them other than those disgusting female gnomes I found on eBay painted with football logos. Yuck.

I found female Gnomes!  They are much larger than the menfolk, but I found some!


  1. I was wanting to comment on your blog site about your restoration on the poor old garden gnome but I coulden't see where to. So I thought I'd just let you know here.I think he looks great now. You did a fantastic job. My Husband did the same thing for me. The lady next door to us had a very bad stroke and was put in a home. The property was sold and all her garden gnomes were to be chucked out. Well, we couldn't have that. So we rescued them, filled them up with concrete, repainted them and gave them a coat of out-door varnish. They have come up pretty good. They all have to have RED hats though.(Hee hee hee, just like the movie.) All together with my collection there are 10 Gnomes in the garden now.I have and idea regarding a female gnome. If you can find one the right size you could get a garden fairy and take the wings off. Then mold her a hat etc. and turn her into a girl gnome. :) All the best for the Holidays,GoldenHind

    1. Well hello my dear friend down under.
      I haven't had much time me or access to my blog, thank you so much much for your comments!

  2. Hello GoldenHind,
    What a wonderful idea! That just might work because I don't want to pay good money just to repaint over a football uniform on a female Gnome. I would love to see some pictures of your rehabilitated Gnomes, and I am happy to know that I am not alone in our cause. LOL
    Thank you so much for the comment, I will look into the reason you couldn't post on my blog. Were you logged in? Just an idea that came to mind.
    We have just had a major dump of snow overnight. I went Christmas shopping yesterday and while I was in one store, the blizzard started. By the time I brushed all the snow off my car and got in, I couldn't see because of the snow on the side windows. Can you believe this?? THIS my dear Australian mate, IS Winter. LOL
    You have inspired me to take some pictures around my yard and do up another blog.
    Best wishes for the season to you as well,

  3. I really loved the new outfit of this little fella. Obviously you have done a great job ;)