Thursday, April 26, 2012

Two old Spruce trees

Today around 8:45AM on the way to taking my girls to school, I saw that someone on our route was having two big spruce trees taken down.  Not something I would ever consider myself. 
There were three men, a tree saw, a chain saw and a MASSIVE chipper shredder. 
 On my way home, I thought that I would just sit in the car and watch the process of turning two 40-something-year old tree into mulch.  These guys were so fast!  By 9 am one tree was gone except for the 20 ft trunk and a pile of logs stacked beside the house. 
 Being who I am, I so wanted to go outside and ask questions. Yes, of course I did!
How much does it cost to take down a tree?  $600 but stump removal not included.
Were the trees diseased? No, of course not.
How long does it take to do this? Depends on the size and age of the tree.

You would not believe the smell out there. The truck with all the fresh mulch was getting close to being full.

Now one of the men is suiting up lumberjack style, probably to climb the trunk and cut up sections with the chainsaw. The song "I'm a Lumberjack" is going on in my head. Good old Monty Python!
He's climbing up the other tree.

Sorry about the sideway photos, I'll try to fix that later. Anyone know how? ( I downloaded from my IPhone and rotated and cropped on the computer but when I downloaded here they are sideways again.  AArrggghhh!)

Amazing!  It’s only 9:27 and the second tree is done!  Two bare trunks where two beautiful old spruce trees once stood.  A few minutes with the chainsaw and the top is bare. That was all I could stand to watch.


45 minutes and two large old Spruce trees are MULCH.  Kinda sad isn"t it?


  1. Today after school, I smelt that overwhelming scent of spruce. Another Spruce tree was being fed to the chipper/shredder...on MY street!!
    On a positive note--
    My husband has finally chased away the pair of Magpies from our Spruce tree!! I saw the magpie nest in the yard of this shredded tree. Aahh, karma is good!

    Just a block down from the first two trees, a minivan lost control and ran into another Spruce tree on some poor homeowner's front lawn. Not only did the poor tree snap off just above the ground, but another tree beside the road got destroyed.

    Man oh man!!