Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cobblestone Year End Party

On Friday night I travelled with my two daughters and our dog, Maggie to the home of Trish and John Ingram, the owners of Cobblestone Gardens.  Everyone was there except for a couple of folks - Lori , Zack and Lloyd.  The food was great, love your ribs, Trish!!  The adult conversation-excellent!!  I really enjoyed catching up with some of the folks that I had spend the spring in the greenhouses.  Like Carrie said...moving the soil from one place to another and then doing it over again, but I think she called it shit...LOL  We all called it shit after awhile and our lungs were full of it especially when we were filling up those thousands of pots.  I really enjoyed working with the Cobblestone crew, they are an amazing group of people.

Going home...
I knew that I had a long drive home so I only had half a glass of wine with supper, but I was not prepared for our drive home.  The first sign was that I had gotten stuck backing up in their driveway.  But I really do like my Hyundai LOL!  I could not believe how thick the fog was that night.  I could not go any faster than 40-50 kph and that was fast enough.  It was impossible to see any farther than10-15 metres in front of my car.  I am very glad that I had taken Carrie and Cam's advive about taking the Langdon road, because the less time on a major highway the better!!!  It is not very often that I will pray while driving, but I even had the girls pray with me.  I was thankful that animals chose not to jump out on the road in front of me.  So all the way home with my highbeams on, driving slowly, and just following the lines on the roads that I could see in front of me.  White knucle driving!!  I was so thankful to see the traffic lights entering Calgary, they were so beautiful!! 

This is Winter in Alberta!

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