Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snowed in!

Happy New Year everyone!

My family is snowed in and I had to phone Aspen Lodge to tell them that I can't get out.  Well, I could have pushed the door open, marched my body through the snow drifts to the bus stop and taken public transit, but I didn't.  At 8 AM, there were snow drifts across the road in front of our house and NOBODY was able to move their vehicle.  There are times when I love where our house is located.  We live across from a green belt, on the other side of the greenbelt is a major road, and across from that road is the dog park. On really nice days I can sit on my lovely wooden swing in my north facing front yard and enjoy the peacefulness and privacy with no houses blocking my view.  Not bad for living in a city with over a million residents.

Today I don't feel that lucky.  I recently got a Hyundai to save on fuel costs.  Well my little car is buried in a snowdrift and there are snowdrifts blocking the entrance and exit to our road.  The wind has been howling all night and the temperature is a balmy -15C (is that all??) and the wind is 37 kph from the NNW, which means that it is going to blow more snow directly across the road.  I wonder if I will be able to get out and get the girls to school in the morning???  (One of my neighbours is trying to maneuver on our road and not getting very far...think they will be stuck in the next 50 metres.  Now they have managed to turn around and try the opposite direction.)

I really shouldn't complain...during the past month or so, the heavy snowfall has really made the folks out east suffer.  So I will stop whining.

It was wonderful to get up this morning, finish reading a wonderful book, "The Secret Life of Bees" by Sue Monk Kidd, (I highly recommend it!!) and climb back into the warm bed with my hubby.  My gosh!!!  I woke up again at noon!!!   Guess I was tired.   After another coffee, I cooked up some bacon and scrambled eggs, toast, sliced oranges and we had a very RARE Sunday Brunch!  So this is what a Sunday is like with my family.  The sun is setting right now so it will start to get dark soon.  (4:51 PM)  Another day over.

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