Friday, December 10, 2010


On Dec 3, 2010 I packed up all my wares into my Blazer and headed to the Hillhurst-Sunnyside Community centre for the Holiday Craft Sale.  I had made a little inventory of everything I could possibly sell that evening and I had over $500 worth of items.  I had lots of my Mint tea from my garden, and the "store bought" blend that was still really good but not as great as my own mint.  I had framed all my "Forever Flowers" and I had sprayed each picture with Sealer, finished the back of the framed picture, and made sure that each picture was ready to be hung.  My catnip and herb bundles were ready from the last sale.  My daughters and I had decoupaged some old black photo album pages, cut them into Bookmark size and "laminated" them with packing tape. I had even printed out my price list to put on my big chalkboard sign, and IRONED my tablecloths.  (I NEVER iron!)

So I had high energy and high expectations from this sale.  I wanted to sell enough to buy my business license and give my husband back his $80 just to say that this could work.  When I got there, I had a great table facing the doors. The girls helped set up my table and it looked good, better than the first sale.  I was ready!  Bring me your money and tell me how much you love what I do.  LOL
Here I am, ready to go!
I didn't sell as much as I expected. 

I don't know why.   There were lots of people who looked at my stuff, but I didn't sell a whole lot.  It was disappointing, but the lady beside me was very interesting.  She will be a really great contact because she teaches small business courses and we are going to meet for coffee one day soon.

Of couse my Mint Tea sold, but only a couple of packages, and that is okay because I can still give them as presents.  I like to do that and I know that the ones who will be getting it at Christmas will enjoy it.
I had open containers of my teas so that my customers could smell my product.
Nobody was interested in my catnip and herbs, so I will be making a blend of the herbs for my own use.  Perhaps that is what I should have done in the first place?  Perhaps I didn't have them packaged the right way?  I will use them, one way or another.  I know some folks with cats who would like some catnip for Christmas.

I sold a few "Forever Flowers" but only the 5x7's.  The people who bought them really liked them and seemed pleased to be giving them as Christmas presents.  I even traded two little ones for a really cool knitted hat that I liked.  It is fern green, thick soft wool and looks like an elves hat with the point.  I think I made a good trade!

The girls had a great time there.  I gave them each $20 to spend with the instructions to buy some Christmas presents.  They came back with all kinds of stuff, beaded ornaments, jars of Jelly Beans, a little basket of hand cream (I think it is for me) and really unique necklaces, you know what I mean??

It was a good experience, gave me lots to think about.  I am not discouraged and I know what I want to do. The next time I do a sale like that, I will set up my table with layers so that I can put more of my product out and arrange it into sections so the small area isn't looking cluttered.

I have been looking at the T&T Seed Catalogue with a different mind. My sweet peas were pretty, but I want darker, brighter colours, and different sizes like Asters and maybe some tiny Marigolds.  LOL...maybe I could ADD some of the brighter coloured flowers to the exhisting pictures to brighten them up and enhance them?.

So there are still possibilities!  I still want to do some landscaping, and I am not going to quit!

                                                                    Wait until next year!!


  1. I think a lot of people that go to craft sales enjoy going there to look first and foremost. I do that anyway. Sometimes I will buy something, but there is just something so inspiring in being where people have made their own stuff and it looks so fantastic!

    It's always good, too, to try out your products and lay outs and so on to see how you can arrange them/package them next time.

    I reckon your things look amazing, and I don't doubt you will have no problem selling them in the future! Good luck and happy holidays :)

  2. I think you are so right. I would have loved to done some browsing that night instead of being behind the table.

    What did you think of my Mint tea?

    Thank you for your warm wishes and positive vibes, Merry Christmas to you as well and a Happy New Year.