Sunday, December 12, 2010

I am so glad that the weekend is over! (or how I got my OWIE)

This is for my son Terry, the apprentice Chef.  Sorry for the graphic details.

It was so hard to get up this weekend at 4:30 to be at work for 6, but it was fun, and I was very productive.  I made 26 Blueberry pies (I added some frozen blueberries to the pie filling to make it less sweet for the diabetics and everyone who didn't need the extra sugar) , 2 1/2 sheets of Cherry Squares, 22 Dozen Yorkshire Puddings, 6 dozen muffins, 4 pans of Coffe Fromage that I changed into something even better (Coffee Fromage is a dessert made with whipped topping, gelatin, milk, sugar and coffee.  I changed it to Mocha Fromage by adding Cocoa, Ginger, and Cinnamon to the mix.  If I say so is going to be awesome tomorrow for lunch!!)  I even changed an old sheet cake that I found in the freezer into a lovely Raspberry Sqare.

But sometimes I just get too over confident using a knife and the knife has to teach me a lesson!  I accidentally sliced off a piece of my left hand index fingernail. BUMMER!!  I was chopping some fruit for my muffins when the knife told me to pay attention to what I was doing.  Yes...I did recover the chunk of meat before it went into the baked goods.  Sorry for the graphic details.  LOL

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