Monday, November 15, 2010

Ahhh, Monday morning

Saturday I had my first experience selling my "stuff" and I had a really good time.  I did the best sales with my mint tea($5 for a cup), and having a container available for someone to smell really helped.  I also sold a few "Forever Flowers" and that was it.  If I known that the Weekend Market was what it was , I would have reconsidered, BUT it was a good experience!  It was just too slow and not enough traffic.  I wonder what Dec 3 will be like?  One thing that I do need to do is to put the pictures in the frames already, they WILL sell better!  I would like to sell the catnip, but I need to find a source for some more.

It was a very busy weekend and working at the lodge really tired me out.  I enjoy seeing the seniors and they really liked the Grilled Cheese and Onion sandwiches.  Working with Mama Sharon is great!  We are both of the same mind. 

Yesterday while I was at Aspen, I had a look around at some of the plants in the building. Pretty depressing!  The plants are all the same Umbrella plants, Mother In Law Tongues ( love that name) and Corn plants.  There is a really beautiful Palm in a floor planter that I didn't notice before, and I took note of the condition of the front entrance.  Very boring with no variety and colour.  I am planning to present my proposal beginning of January.  I still have to get my business license, Worker's Comp and update my liability Insurance before I can make my move.  Baby Steps...

It is nice to have a bit of time today where I don't have to create some products, I can take a break and take care of my loved ones.  I moved around two shelves in the garage and tidied up so now I can get my Blazer into the garage.  MUCH better!  The forecast for today was rain turning into snow and I can see some dark clouds building in the north.  I enjoyed working outside in the yard while the sun is shining.  I pulled the pansies from the front planters and bagged them to collect the seeds. My idea is to plant some evergreen branches in the planters to pretty them up for Christmas.  Another goal today is to start my Christmas lights on the trees and house before it gets too cold like last year.

I even dug up some carrots from the south side of my house.  Can you imagine that, digging up carrots in November?  Some of them were pretty bizarre but there are some good sized carrots, and some onions too.  I found some parsley plants that were hiding in the carrots and replanted them.  Last year I had some parsley that came up again, (they are Biannuals) and the seeds from those plants are also in a bag in the basement .  I can see the possibilities for next year.!!

On Saturday, my dear old friend Billy stopped in to see me at the sale, and we had a chance to catch up.  He brought me some presents too!!  He gave me a beautiful braid of Sweet Grass that I will use to Smudge my home...kinda like blessing my home and/or chasing the bad energy away.  He also gave me a huge bag of potatoes that he and his wife Laura grew on their land.  GREAT potatoes Billy, thank you!!  So tonight for supper, I am going to BBQ some thick steaks those lovely big red potatoes, and some carrots from MY garden.  Good way to spend a Monday, don't you think so??

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  1. Wow, your products look absolutely amazing! The photo of them is just such a great picture. It looks like the ultimate Christmas gift!

    Also, I can't believe you make your own tea, that is so great! I can imagine it must taste like something beyond this world!

    Good luck with your business :)
    yogie from BookCrossing (had to comment again because I forgot my screen name, lol)