Tuesday, November 23, 2010

BBBrrrrrrrrrr.............Baby, it's cold outside!!!

There is nothing, and I mean nothing worse than waking up to the warmth and comfort of your bed and hearing the clock radio just as they are giving the weather report.  Minus 30C!!  There is just nothing nice about it. You have to warm up your vehicle longer, the seats are frozen solid, and by the time I dropped my girls off at school (after bundling them up to their eyeballs) the truck was warm.  Minus 30  Bah Humbug!!

I was telling my girls that when I was going to school, many years ago, my brothers and sisters and I walked to school every day, and that was a scant over a mile.  When it was nice out, we even came home for lunch, only to eat and run back before the bell.  When it hit -30 (it was Fahrenheit then) we either stayed home or Dad drove us.  That didn't happen very often, as Dad usually left for work earlier than us.  Times change don't they??  Now, I drive my girls to school in the morning, they eat lunch at school, and I pick them up after school. Hhhhmmmm...makes you wonder, doesn't it??  The next generation is soft!  LOL

Yesterday I made some more "Forever Flowers" and put some in frames.  They look so much better, and I know that I can get a better price for them.  I bought some "sealer" to spray on them so that they will be protected if a customer wants to use them to decorate their bathroom.  I think that I will have to wait until later this week before I can spray outside.  The forcast is only -4C later this week. I brought my last election sign in from the garage, and will prime it later this morning.  I have less than two weeks to get everything ready.  I only have 7 packages of my Mint Blend left, not including my personal stash, so I may have to find an acceptable alternative supplier until next year.  I have moved around so many mint cuttings that I should have a good harvest for 2011.

I went outside to take a few pictures before the snow got disturbed and these were some of my favourites...enjoy!
my daughters' baby Spruce trees that they recieve from their school in Grade 1 and my Inukshuk

next year I will plant these special Sweet Peas earlier so I can enjoy more than just a handfull of flowers

an unknown variety of Clematis that doesn't vine, but stays to under 3 ft

I love sitting in these chairs in the hot sun, but it is just too cold out

My Chocolate mint poking out through the snow.  This in my all-time favourite mint!  Doesn't it look sad?

This is what I get to look at while puttering in my kitchen.

look at this snowdrift, and we have only had snow for one week.  This is where I grow my Clematis' on the West side of my house.

I am working on tweeking my blog so that my dear friends can find it user friendlier.  Thank you all for coming in from the cold and joining me.  I am going to light my candles, put a pot of tea on and create something before I have to pick up the girls and go to work.  Last night at the lodge, they paid me to organize the freezer for 1 1/2 hours.  Cold outside and cold inside.  LOL  Good thing I love my job!

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