Thursday, November 25, 2010

I love Calgary because...

Today it was sunny and 2C!  Yes, it went above 0C and the roads are slushy, snow is melting and dripping off my roof and I was able to finally take my dog Maggie to the dog park so she could run the muscles out.  She may even be sleeping outside in her doghouse tonight for the first time in well over a week.

Today I found a source for my standby Mint Tea!!!  There is a wonderful health food store on 17th Ave. S.E. - Nature's Food & Spice, and I usually go there once a year to get some WHEAT for my Christmas Eve supper.  We have always had Kutkia (Christmas Wheat) as part of my family's tradition, and being the city girl that I am, I just couldn't go and pick some from the field.  Well, I do have some wheat planted in my yard as a tribute to my ancestors, but I just don't have enough..yet.

So...I have another batch of Mint tea that I am calling Ellen's Mint Plus Blend because it has more than just mint in it.  This blend has Elderberry Flowers, Chamomile Flowers, Raspberry, Peppermint, Spearmint, Wintergreen and Nettle leaves as well as Lavender.  Wow, it is so nice!  Not as nice as my original blend, of course, but pretty good! 

Count down to seven more sleeps until the sale at Hillhurst-Sunnyside, and today I paid for my table.  Thanks to some great Bookcrossing friends, I found out that there is a book exchange shelf inside the building.  PERFECT!!!  Now I can release a bunch of books there next week!  Multitasking!!

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