Friday, November 12, 2010

Let's talk about Bookcrossing...

I have been a Bookcrosser for over seven years.  Bookcrossing is an international group of wonderful folks who love books.  They love books so much that they register their books online at and release their books for others to enjoy.  I have met so many wonderful folks through this website and have found a wonderful way for keep my books from gathering dust on my shelfs.  Over the years I have become very passionate about Bookcrossing, sometimes to my husband's annoyance LOL

Basically, Bookcrossing is...

Welcome to BookCrossing! This is a site for catching and releasing books and spreading the good karma of reading! Please make a journal entry when you FIND this book and let previous readers know how you came upon it. You may remain Anonymous on this site if you like but it's very safe and spam free. We leave FREE books around for others to stumble upon...they read, and then re-release in a public place for someone else to enjoy. Of course you're welcome to keep the book if you prefer but it's more fun to watch them travel and to hear from them once in a while. I hope you enjoy the book but I especially hope you enjoy ookCrossing.

Many thanks, herchelle  (that's me)

Welcome to the World's library!
It's easy to find books, share books, and meet fellow book lovers.

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