Friday, November 12, 2010

The big day is tomorrow!

Last night I was puttering around putting some finishing touches to my products.  I even set up a table in the basement, draped the tableclothes, set up all my products to get the idea of what it will look like.  Hey...I was impressed!  I am just waiting for the phone call from Hillhurst-Sunnyside to tell me that I will have a table on Dec 3.  (Did you know that Stuart McLean is coming to Calgary that night?  To do this sale I would gladly miss out on going to see him. it just means that I will have to read more of his books...Maybe I will get one for Christmas??)

Anyway, I have things to do...pick up my new business cards from the printer, go to the bank andget change for my float, drop Stephanie off at her Birthday party for her good friend Jarome, finish the laundry (WHY does that keep sneaking in here?) and I would like to prime a couple ex-election-soon to be "Forever Flowers" and maybe make a few bookmarks to sell.  I also want to stop at a couple Thrift Stores for some frames to put my flowers in.  I cut the decoupagued board into sizes that will fit into frames and I think that I will make more of a profit if there are frames to go with the "Forever Flowers".

ok...that is it for now, wish me luck!

Everything is falling into place, isn't it??

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