Friday, November 19, 2010

Winter is here!

Thanks to that wonderful "Alberta Clipper" we have been in a deep freeze for the past few days. There must be at least 6 inches (16 cm) of snow everywhere.  It is cold, the roads are slippery, everyone is driving SLOW and it just isn't any fun.  The strangest thing is that when I was driving home the other night, it was dark because the sun is down by 5:30 PM, there was snow everywhere AND it felt like the snow had been there forever!  It felt like I had forgotten that there had been leaves on the trees and flowers in my yard.  It was such a strange feeling.

I have started two new 'canvases' for my sale on Dec. 3.  I may have to find some more old election signs as my stockpile is getting down there.  My husband had recieved a pretty box of chocolate at work, and now that paper is the background for some "Forever Flowers".  It is beautiful, with squares of dark purple, light purple, silver and gold.  Wait until you see this one.

 The other is the pink and brown napkins that a dear bookcrosser had sent me as a Holiday Gift Giving last year.  I have decoupaged the napkin stips so that the effect is an almost plaid effect.  Very cool!!  I am so getting into this creative stuff LOL!
Interesting "Plaid" effect

Just a few of the "Forever Flowers" I worked on yesterday

I have made a decision...I'm going to put all the "FF"s" into frames, and I bought some sealer so that my customers can put the "FF's" into bathrooms.  One question that was asked at my first sale was if the decoupage material was ok in a bathroom.  That problem is solved.

Today has flown by, after dropping my girls off ,I ran around shopping for Winter boots...for ME, and some early Christmas presents, so now I have $60 left from my paycheque  LOL.  Big Sigh!  I'm not always going to be this poor LOL.   I still have some HGG2010 to send to my bookcrosser buddies, so I need to think about postage...I do have some priorities.  Speaking of Bookcrossers...thank you for following my blog,  I really enjoyed hearing from you all, especially about gardening.  The seed cataloque that I recieved this week was from T& T Seeds in Winnepeg, Manitoba.  They sell great products that are going to grow in cold, short seasons.  Please check them out."Early in the Arctic, First in your Garden"I have already got my red pen circling my wishlist.  I will be ordering STEVIA for my mint blend for next year...I will be selling a sweetened mint sugar!

Yes Deb, I also grew Brandywine tomatoes for the first time this year.  I had a part time job working in a greenhouse this spring and I got to watch our little baby seedling tomatoes grow into lovely plants.  I brought two plants home and they grew huge!  I loved the flavour but I didn't like how the fruit has weird shapes, but I guess that being an heirloom plant, all those unfavourable traits are still in there. I am very interested in different types of vegetables and your beans sound really cool.  I do have some pictures of my mint that I will be adding soon.

I need to get something...anything done around the house before school is over and everyone is home.  I have to work this weekend at 6 AM at the lodge, so I will have to mentally prepare for that drive tomorrow morning...yuck!

Thank you for stopping in, I appreciate your comments.

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